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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

All therapists need to email info@edgetherapyrooms.com to discuss requirements and to request access to our booking system.

Once we have completed the sign up process you will be able to book via our online portal.

Are there any optional extras?

  • Projector
  • Water Jugs
  • Tea, Coffee & refreshments
  • Laundry upon prior agreement
  • Magnifying Lamp

If you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact us.

How secure is the premises?

Our intercom system allows each therapist to grant access to their clients from whichever room they are working from, whilst keeping the building secure.

Clients will only be able to access the waiting area and ground floor bathroom and will need a therapist to escort them to therapy rooms.

All therapists will need prior approval to book rooms.

Is there access to WIFI?

All of our therapy rooms have access to our WIFI network.

What type of therapy rooms are available to rent (i.e., individual, group, etc.)?

We have 7 rooms available to rent. 

1 x meeting / training room (suitable for up to 8 people) 

3 x talking therapy rooms

3 x therapy rooms (suitable for holistic, beauty, massage or aesthetic services. 2 equipped with electronic therapy couches)

Is there any support for trainee practitioners? 

We understand how difficult it is to establish a business, especially if you are in training. We can support you with this, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What’s Included?

High quality treatment rooms, providing a professional experience for you and your clients.

Intercom system in every room to greet and manage your arriving clients. Convenient online booking system. Secure waiting area for your clients Communal kitchen for therapist use.  WIFI available throughout the building. Toilets on the ground and second floor. 

Are you Insured?

Public liability insure is provided for the use of the building, however each therapist needs to provide their own insurance for services offered.

Is there parking nearby?

Parking can be found a short walk away in the Long Street carpark, GL11 4LS (up to 23 hours for free).


Castle Street, GL11 4BS located in front of the Pulse Leisure Centre (up to 3 hours for free)

Castle Street / Parsonage Street, GL11 4BS located opposite the Pulse (up to 1 hour free parking)

Sainsburys car park, GL11 4BS (up to 2 hours free parking. This car park is managed by Horizon Parking. Daily and monthly parking permits are available for longer stays if desired (www.horizonspaced.co.uk)

Water Street car park, GL11 4JE (up to 3 hours free parking)

May Lane car park, GL11 4JQ (up to 23 hours for free)

Electric Car Parking points are available in the Sainsburys car park.

How long are the rental periods and how long am I committed for?

Our room are available to book on a one off ad-hoc basis with no commitment allowing you to build your business as and when you wish or for one off meetings and appointments. 

Longer term rental, for those practitioners wishing to book regular slots on regular days, will need to give one months notice, prior to termination.  

A supportive space for your practice

Are there any specific rules or guidelines that renters must follow?

Each practitioner will be given a welcome pack upon registration with full guidelines, however, we ask all of our practitioners:

To leave rooms neat and tidy ready for the next practitioner to use.

To ensure that their clients and visitors are respectful of other users of the space. 

Only use their access the site when a booking has been confirmed.

Obtain their own insurance for the services offered.

What are the hours of availability for rental rooms?

Our secure access system, allows practitioners use of the building between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Saturday. Additional Sunday bookings can be arranged upon agreement. 

What is the cancellation policy for rental rooms?

Please allow 3 working days to cancel Ad-hoc bookings. Bookings cancelled after this time incur a 50% cancellation fee.  

Longer term rental requires one months written notice.

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